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Series 477/801: New dispenser products in modern design set accents

Interview with HEWI product managers Johanna Radies and Jens Götte

HEWI has decades of expertise in the development of barrier-free solutions. HEWI launched the Series 801, the first barrier-free system on the German market, 40 years ago.
Since then, the series has been continuously developed and has established itself as a classic in the sanitary room. The series is complemented by the accessories of the 477 series.

This year, the dispenser products have been expanded and the design revised so that a fully comprehensive range is available. In this interview, our product managers Johanna Radies and Jens Götte talk about the 477/801 range the new design and the development process.

HEWI The 477/801 series from HEWI is now a classic. Ms. Radies, can you explain what the series stands for and where its beginnings lie?

Johanna Radies: Series 477/801 has stood for product quality and customer satisfaction for 40 years. With the launch of the 477 accessories in 1980 and the addition of the 801 barrier-free products in 1984, HEWI created one of the most comprehensive polyamide series on the market. The products are functional, robust and easy to clean, durable and provide the user with a pleasant warm feel. The products made of polyamide reflect our expertise in the field of plastics and injection molding technology and demonstrate our system competence due to the high product range depth and the variable standard.


HEWI Mr. Götte, why did HEWI decide to revise the 477 dispenser products or expand the dispenser range?

Jens Götte: The 477/801 series has continuously expanded over the last several years. Nevertheless, despite the high depth of the range, only isolated dispenser products such as the paper towel dispenser, paper waste garbage can and soap dispenser were added to the series. Due to the increasing demand in the market and our expertise in plastics, the expansion to include a holistic dispenser program has been indispensable. Especially in professional care and in highly frequented public areas, we believe it is essential to create a consistent hygiene offering.


HEWI The 477 dispenser products are available in a completely new design. Ms. Radies, what has changed in contrast to the existing dispensers and how would you describe the design of the new products?

Johanna Radies: Basically, with the 477/801 series, the recognition value of the series and the individual products is very important. We have formally adapted the existing as well as the new dispenser products to the 477/801 series. Thus, the new dispenser products form a fully comprehensive plastic dispenser series with a consistent design That is classic, simple and yet appealing—a modern design language: Straight lines and large radii. The resumption of the materiality and surface emphasizes the new and modern design language.


HEWI What are the distinctive features of the new dispenser products, Mr. Götte?

Jens Götte: Well, playing with color is an essential part of the series. The housing for the new dispenser products is available in a choice of signal white or pure white, and its discreet color scheme takes a back seat. Striking accents that create an atmosphere can be used, especially in the functional areas. You can choose from all 16 HEWI colors in glossy and five neutral colors in matte. This allows elements such as the removal or insertion opening to be individually highlighted.

HEWI Can you perhaps conclude by summarizing once again the benefits the new products offer, Ms. Radies?

Johanna Radies: The new dispenser products are available as a complete series with a new design, creating a unified and complete image together with the other products in the series. Thanks to the choice between manual and sensory products, customers can decide individually for each application area and choose the appropriate dispenser. The design is such that easy handling is ensured at all times and the large radii mean that there is little risk of impact or injury. Due to our high quality material usage, the products are very robust and durable.


HEWI Thank you very much for the interview, Ms. Radies and Mr. Götte!

Modularity, surface variety and the highest design standards reflect HEWI's understanding of first-class design. With their subtle contrasting elements in 16 glossy and five matt colors, the new dispenser systems add colorful accents to the sanitary room. Cheerful and bright colors make children feel comfortable. The frame elements of the Series 477 dispenser products are available in all 16 HEWI colors and offer design options. The simple and intuitive use of the dispenser products playfully supports children in hygiene and promotes learning. Cleaning staff in schools and kindergartens also benefit from the child-friendly products: The solutions from HEWI are easy to maintain and therefore save time.



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