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The best architecture and design podcasts

Podcasts have been gaining popularity for several years. They are popular mainly because you can listen to them whenever you want - no matter when and where. Discover the best German and English language architecture, interior design and best design podcasts. 

Podcasts for architecture and design lovers

With podcasts, listeners have the option to download, pause, or even cancel the content. This makes them the ideal way for listeners to listen to individual episodes as needed. Since each industry offers a variety of podcasts, interested parties can acquire new knowledge or deepen existing knowledge. These audio files reach their target audience in a personal way. Members of the architecture industry also publish podcasts for friends of the art of building.

Our Top 10 Architecture Podcasts - German

  1. NXT A Position & NXT A Dialog

  2. Architecture and the world

  3. Architecture, City, Planning

  4. DBZ - the architecture podcast

  5. Architecture as a second language

  6. 10 minutes building culture

  7. JUNG Architecture Talks

  8. H1.12 Architecture Talks

  9. Formfunk

  10. InterACT Insights 

1. NXT A Position & NXT A Dialog

The two NXT A podcasts offer personalities from the architecture and culture industry space to talk about perspectives, versions and ideas. For an especially educational audience experience, NXT A splits into two distinct formats.  NXT A Position: The Architecture Essay and NXT A Dialog: The Architecture Talk. At NXT A Dialog, hosts talk and discuss with representatives of architecture and culture. NXT A Position gives industry players the opportunity to comment on relevant topics themselves. 

2. Architecture and the world

The podcast Architecture and the World takes its listeners into the depths of architecture. In detailed discussions with guests, the audience will gain insights into the working lives of architects and what issues they deal with.  

3. Architecture, City, Planning

The German Federal Chamber of Architects regularly publishes the interview podcast Architecture, City, Planning Listeners can expect an overview of the world "built by man" and its design. Kerstin Kuhnekath takes up with her guests the exciting thesis that construction quality goes hand in hand with the profession.  

4. DBZ - the podcast

The Podcast of the Deutsche BauZeitschrift deals with architectural issues of the future. For example, the participants ask themselves the questions of how people will live in the future and whether digital innovations are coming our way in the process. The architecture podcast discusses relevant issues in the industry and encourages discussion. 

5. The Audio Architects: "Architecture as a Second Language"

The podcast Architecture as a Second Language is aimed at anyone with an interest in the topics of architecture, urban planning and the built environment. Kerstin Kuhnekath interviews personalities from the industry. At the end, she discusses what has been discussed in the episodes once again with media scientist Golo Föllmer, who acts as a representative of the public.  

6. 10 minutes building culture

The podcast 10 minutes of building culture from the Bundesstiftung Baukultur (Federal Foundation for Building Culture) highlights the various areas of building culture in discussions with representatives of the industry. Above all, the series of talks deals with the built world and provides listeners with various insights into it.  

7. JUNG Architecture Talks 

The JUNG Architecture Talks podcast discusses current issues in architecture, construction technology and building practice. New episodes are uploaded weekly, featuring industry representatives in conversation with the JUNG Architecture team. 

8. H1.12 Architecture Talks

The department of architecture at Mainz University of Applied Sciences produces the H1.12 Architecture Talks Podcast. Here, students discuss why interaction with representatives of the trades is very important for architecture.  

9. Formfunk

The Design Podcast Formfunk gives its listeners insights into the thoughts of communication designers. Guests talk about their life, their work as well as their attitude in the architecture and design podcast. The guests on the podcast come from different sub-disciplines and represent different points of view. Especially exciting: Non-designers who want to say something to designers also have their say here. 

10. InterACT Insights

InterACT Insights is the podcast for people interested in real estate, architecture and technology. The show invites to the exchange, the discussion as well as the co-creation. The podcast is presented by the Rotonda Business Club. A podcast by the industry, for the industry. 

In one of the episodes, host Andrea Greuner talks to HEWI Managing Director Thorsten Stute about what really makes an original an original. What does it mean for companies and employees to drive out a style icon with cult status. And how do designers and manufacturers succeed in living up to a reputation that precedes them internationally? 

The Best Architecture and Best Design Podcasts - English 

  1. Archispeak

  2. Hyperallergic

  3. The Chaise Lounge

  4. NeoCon

  5. About Buildings and Cities

  6. The Design Files Task

  7. ArchitectureTalk

  8. Last Seen

  9. Clever

  10. Monocle On Design

  11. Theory of Architecture

  12. Nice To Meet You

  13. Another Architecture Podcast

  14. 99% Invisible

  15. Design Matters

  16. Raw Materials Three Ways 

1. Archispeak

TheArchispeak Podcastdeals with all topics around architecture. Both the positive and negative sides of the profession are highlighted and deeper insights are gained into the study of built space. 

2. Hyperallergic

TheHeryperallergic Podcast addresses weekly news, developments and excitements of the art world. The host of this show is Hrag Vartanian, who serves as editor-in-chief at the Magazine Hyperallergic magazine, which he also co-founded. Listen in and immerse yourself in the exciting world of art.  

3. The Chaise Lounge

This interior design podcast is aimed at interior designers and those who are interested and enthusiastic about this industry. AtThe Chaise LoungePodcast, Nick May, who is not an interior designer himself, talks with top designers from around the world. On the show, he clarifies questions with his interviewees about their design backgrounds and what kind of businesses they run.  

4. NeoCon 

The Best Design Podcast NeoCon covers topics in the commercial design industry. Hostess Amy Devers talks with her guests about industry innovations, ideas and introductions that are impacting the built environment in the present and the future. In addition to innovative room design, wellness in the workplace is also discussed, for example - it's worth listening in! 

5. About Buildings and Cities

The Podcast About Buildings and Cities is about architecture, buildings and cities. And this with a considered spectrum that ranges from the past to the present. In addition, the architecture podcast offers additional topics such as films, technologies or comics.  

6. The Design Files Talks 

On the Design Podcast The Design Files Talks well-known Australian people who work in various industries speak. Different representatives of the fields of architecture, business, art and design have their say in this podcast and report on their personal area of expertise. 

7. Architecture Talk 

Architecture Talk tries to present the topic of architecture in an undisciplined way. In the process, the audience should gain new ideas about how we humans live. Vikram Prakash, professor of architecture at the University of Washington, curates the podcast. 

8. Last Seen

This podcast, unlike the others, doesn't deal directly with industries like architecture or design - but that doesn't make it any less exciting! Listeners will learn interesting details about the biggest art heist in our history in this show. How a theft of 13 irreplaceable works of art from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston succeeded? Listen for yourself in the podcast Last Seen

9. Monocle On Design

In Monocle On Design you will learn exciting and refreshing stories from the world of design to fashion, furniture, crafts and architecture. So Monocle On Design is the design, architecture as well as interior design podcast for anyone interested in the industries.  

10. Clever

Every episode of Clever invites listeners to listen to conversations with cultural leaders, visionaries, and creative forces who are shaping our world and informing society. In the process, the hosts also delve into gritty, authentic and surprising details of their creative paths with their interviewees.  

11. Theory of Architecture 

In the context of the architecture podcast Theory of Architecture, conversations are held with architects and academics. In this context, the interlocutors are particularly concerned with theories of architecture and the philosophies behind them.

12. Nice To Meet You

On the podcast Nice To Meet You hostess Simone talks to strangers and friends. Here they talk together about life and what lessons it has taught them. With her podcast, she offers her listeners the opportunity to learn something about themselves and to be inspired by other people.  

13. Another Architecture Podcast

In this architecture podcast, George Bradley interviews people who have designed inspiring homes around the world. The podcast aims to help those interested uncover the secrets to how to design spaces well. The history of the creation of these very rooms and houses is also the subject of the Another Architecture Podcast.  

14. 99% Invisible 

The 99% Invisible Design Podcast explores thoughts on the unseen architecture and design that influence our world. This podcast is one of the most popular among listeners on various platforms. The host of 99% Invisible is Roman Mars.  

15. Design Matters 

The Best Design Podcast Design Matters is hosted by Debbie Millman and is one of the world's first podcasts. For more than 15 years, the show has been reporting on how creative minds take control of their lives and live out creativity.  

16. Raw Materials Three Ways

The housing podcast focuses on stories about different building materials that impact their lives in incredible ways. Host of the Raw Materials Three Ways podcast, RM-3 for short, is the Interior design magazine dwell



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